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CLSA founder Coull dies
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Gary Coull, co-founder and chairman of CLSA, died Thursday in the United States where he was undergoing treatment for cancer. He was 52.

"Gary's vision, drive and creativity helped build one of Asia's leading brokerage, investment banking and private equity groups," said CLSA chief executive Rob Morrison.

"He led and inspired a team that has created a great company, and his important role in the development of the financial services industry in Asia will long be remembered."

Born in Vancouver, Coull graduated from the University of British Columbia. He worked as a journalist at the Province newspaper in Vancouver for several years before coming to Hong Kong in the late 1970s, after traveling through Europe and the Middle East. In Hong Kong, he became a business reporter for the South China Morning Post and later with the Far Eastern Economic Review.

His career path changed in 1987 when he joined start-up firm Winfull Laing and Cruickshank, where he soon became a top broker.

French bank Credit Lyonnais subsequently took over Laing, bought out Winfull, and the model was created for what became the current CLSA. In 2002, Credit Lyonnais merged with Credit Agricole to form the world's fourth-largest bank by assets.

Before Credit Lyonnais' takeover, Coull and his friend, Jim Walker, negotiated a deal to secure 35 percent of the shares for themselves and senior staff. This ultimately led to the establishment of CLSA.
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