CLSA CLSA Capital Partners
Cindy Ng, CLSA
01-Dec-2006 22:17

I have handled Gary’s travel arrangements since the early 90’s, long before I joined CLSA, when I 
used to work in a travel agent.  
Other than a big boss, he is my worst and best customer.  With his tight schedule he could never 
plan ahead. He would not know if he needs to be in Europe or US tomorrow though it might have 
finally ended up in Japan. Not until his plane took off Jeannie and I could stop sweating but as soon 
as it touched ground that was the beginning of another panic. As a traveler he would not settle for 
less yet appreciates and understands. As our chairman he never takes things for granted. If he had 
to call during weekends for last minute changes he would follow with a thank you note.  He spotted 
little things and would comment for my future reference rather than criticize.  
I am very much honored to have played a role in his travel chapter.  Thanks for his trust in me over 
the years.  I will miss him forever and my deepest thoughts are with Vicky and his family. 


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