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Ken Chiang
I was deeply saddened when I learned of Gary Coull's passing. I met Gary as a cub analyst in 1991 
and witnessed his leadership as CLSA continued to thrive through the industry's boom and bust,  
and overexpansion and consolidation. I'll never forget the first forum which is now a Gary CLSA 
trademark. Gary was the stuff of legend, a reporter turned power broker extraordinaire, an 
inspiration to all of us as an icon of what immense possibilities a visionary leader can create in the 
wild wild East against the odds of competitive capital and talent. My sincerest condolences to Gary's 
family and all the fine people at CLSA. 
Thomas Samuelson
It’s very sad when someone so influential in many people’s lives and careers leaves this earth so 
soon.  I first met Gary in 1992 while I worked  for the “French” as he liked to say…he often gave me 
words of encouragement as he knew the success of CL’s Latam operation would take the heat off 
his boys in NY.  During that time I began to understand what the CLSA way of doing things was…
that is Gary’s legacy.  Six years after our first encounter I went to work for Gary during CLSA’s short-
lived expansion into emerging markets outside of Asia.  Despite internal reluctance Gary pushed the 
business forward and supported all of our efforts till the end…It took one of the worst bear markets 
in history to finally squash the effort but Gary never relented in his loyalty to those who took the 
chance to try to start something new.   The entrepreneurial spirit was always alive at CLSA, Gary 
made sure of this by demanding that we all thought outside the box.  CLSA was my last job o. . . 

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Ross Davidson (High School friend )
Although I have not seen Gary in years, my memories of him are vivid. He was a fun loving guy who 
enjoyed life. It seems like yesterday that we shooting hoops in the gym at Eric Hamber. He travelled 
far since those days and a simpler times. I was intrigued and impressed by his success in his 
industry. He was special. I know he will be missed by old and new friends world wide.
Roger Perrin
Gary’s passing will leave a huge hole in the lives of all of us who knew him.

It is a tradition of Scottish culture that we celebrate the memory of a good man rather than mourn 
his passing and I write to you in this Scottish spirit.

As a businessman and entrepreneur, I consider Gary to be the outstanding expatriate of his 
generation in Hong Kong.  His achievements in a tragically short life were extraordinary.  Even more, 
notwithstanding his success, he stayed true to his character – a rare occurrence in Hong Kong. 

It was typical of Gary that he always gave his great friend, Jim Walker, credit for the breakthrough in 
negotiations with Credit Lyonnais that led to the formation of CLSA in its present form.  On the other 
hand, he never sought for himself due credit for building CLSA into the unique Asian investment 
bank that it is today.  No explanation of the phenomenal success of CLSA is possible without 
recognizing the tremendous intelligence, curiosity and ener. . . 

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Sandra Wong
I knew Gary a long time ago and wish to offer my condolences. I first met him in Phuket and later 
knew him as a client . That CLSA is the last name standing from that era of brokers is something he 
can be proud of. 
Sandra Wong
Michael Sasges
Dear Vicky

How big was your man? A country, even a country as large as his native Canada, was too small for 
him. A continent, however, . . . 

How big was your man? At 16 or 17 he was already demonstrating that capacity for loyalty that 
would engender those professions of loyalty that are one of the threads of the messages of 
condolences on this website . . . 
Gary and I met in a Vancouver courtroom in the summer of '71, at the trial of classmates or friends 
of his who had organized a house party that the police broke up, exact charges at trial now 
forgotten. His purpose there, his classmates' purpose there, was to ensure if identification of the 
accused were to become an issue, their presence in the gallery might lead the police witnesses to 
bungle the identities. It worked, I believe.
He never forgot us stay-at-homes. Our passages never went unremarked, a new child, a new home, 
a new job, a new Canucks' season, all this acknowledged by him while he was courting. . . 

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Dominic Scriven, Dragon Capital
There isn’t a lot to say at a time of such very great sadness, but please allow me to offer – in 
addition to John - my truly deepest condolences at this awful awful news. I am sure you all know 
what a very special place CLSA has always had in the Dragon Capital world, and in very large part 
this was due to Gary. Given the impression that he has left upon us in Vietnam, I can imagine the 
enormous sense of loss that is felt throughout your firm. Please know that we join you in missing 
him tremendously.

An unfair twist of fate, for sure.
Rajah, T, CLSA
Gary made an impression on anyone who crossed his path.  I was no exception. He never left us in 
any doubt as to what he was expecting or what we can achieve as individuals.  I joined CLSA 6 
years ago. I still remember the interview process where he mesmerised me with his vision and 
thumped the message of the need to punch above your weight.

Gary was inspirational, compassionate and above all a true leader.  When Tsunami hit my home 
country in Dec 2004, Gary was one of the first to call to inquire about my family and offer help.  

I remember the days of SARS where he inspired us to build and deliver a virtual CLSA conference.  
Many of us did things that we never thought possible.  Two things struck out, nothing could stop 
Gary delivering his commitments to clients – that is to tell the Asian story – not even the SARS. 
Second was Gary’s ability to see the big picture and to inspire the people around him to execute as 
an opportunity of a life time.   

It is not e. . . 

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Pete Kline
Quote from Gary Coull

“ I learned more about China in one hour from a pig farmer’s daughter than I have from all of 
the economists and so-called China specialists I’ve ever met.” 

This was Gary in full flight during a “lively” conversation we had before I made the 20,20,20 video about 
Chinese kids for him. 

What I was left wondering was:  How many millionaire, high-roller, international businessmen have ever 
spent AN HOUR talking to a Chinese pig farmer’s daughter?

No wonder Gary was an unbelievable story-teller, and no wonder everyone who had the privilege of 
working with him found him totally irresistible. 

They broke the mould after they made Gary Coull, and, like everyone who knew him, I’m going to miss 
him like crazy.

Ray Jovanovich, Credit Agricole Asset Management
i am deeply saddened by gary's death, perhaps i had more association with him than any other fund 
manager, and on so many different levels.  we shared an immense passion for baseball, in fact, that 
is how we first met 19 years ago.  it was sports that first caused our paths to cross and the 
business side followed later.  as such, we always had so much to discuss, shared a lot of common 

gary was a source of inspiration and in many ways helped to shape my career in asia.  i can still 
vividly recall my first cl alexander laing crucikshank meeting with gary back in 1988, i was just a 
junior analyst.  but his presentation of the material and the story woven to fit the prospective idea 
was so compelling.  that's why i decided to save some of that earliest research in my archives, 
gary's impression served to make me think of the possible. 

so it was my immense pleasure to recently present gary (at this year's forum) with all of those 
pristine condition piec. . . 

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Adrienne Chau
The first time I met Mr. Coull was when my mom told me that I could help decorate Mr. Coull's new 
office. I was honoured and had so much fun doing it. 
The last time I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Coull he gave me advice on my future career goals 
and told me that if I ever moved back to HK that I should work at CLSA. 

He will be greatly missed and I will never ever forget him and his advice. My prayers are with 
Mr.Coull's family and friends.

Kathryn Matthews, Fidelity
Sadly I did not know Gary except by reputation which is a great shame. He was clearly a very 
exceptional person.
My sympathies to you all
Kind Regards

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