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Pauline Garcias
Unlike most of you, I really didn't know Gary well at all in the business sector.  To some of you, I 
am "Banana" and I am one of Vicky's bosom friends.  The other is Marie....or MdS.  You see, Gary 
was fortunate enough to hook up with Vicky AFTER I left H.K. in 1977.  When I first met him in 1978-
79 during my regular return visits (we all know Honkers Tonkers never leave....we just make new 
homes in other parts of the world), Gary was introduced to me as "Gary, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" 
and suffered my scrutiny and insolence.  After all, who was this fellow from the Post that's going out 
with my best friend?

Well, this fellow-from-the-Post welcomed  me with open arms with each visit over the next 20+ 
years, and I treasure the great memories of us getting to know each other.  One of our last get-
togethers on the roof-top deck of their Repulse Bay home was extra special.  Who orders Pizza with 
firm instructions "less cheese, please!!"

I plan to be in H.K. in the nex. . . 

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Victoria Allan - Habitat Property
I am so shocked and saddened by Gary’s passing away.  Gary, as everyone has attested to was a 
man with an incredible vision and passion for life.   To me, he always gave out incredible support 
and encouragement of my business and in some ways acted as a mentor and was of course a 
source of inspiration in what one can achieve and how to act in life and business.  I will miss 
bumping into him and being quizzed on how my business is going and the state of the property 
market and why im not expanding faster.

There are too few people who manage to make such an impact on so many peoples life as Gary did –
which is a remarkable achievement and legacy. 

My deepest felt thoughts go to Vicki, his family, his close friends, & everyone at CLSA.  


Phil Calder, HSBC Bank Canada
It was with shock and sadness that I heard of Gary Coull's passing.  Please extend my sympathy to 
the whole CLSA family on behalf of HSBC Bank Canada.  Kind regards,

Phil Calder, BA, CFP
HSBC Bank Canada 
ben gelfant
I am deeply saddened  to hear of gary's passing. We lost touch a  long time ago, though i 
periodically heard of his generosity and successes through others. He was a high school friend 
when I first came to the promised land of vancouver, and later my city desk editor when I had the 
good fortune to work briefly at the Ubyssey. Even then, he left a lasting image with me.

Those who were close to him will miss him terribly, but the world is a poorer place without him, 
though it is a  richer place because of him "The old pals are all the best, you see New friends you 
can find every dayBut they can’t fill their places Or ever be. Like the old pals of yesterday"

Jimmy Rogers, 1928

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Minister of Finance II Malaysia
Please accept my deepest condolence on your recent loss. I have had the honour of dealing with 
Gary on a number of occasions, most recently in September, when he hosted the ASEAN Finance 
Ministers at this year's CLSA Investors' Forum. As we have grown to expect from Gary, the event 
was organised fabulously and the ASEAN Finance Ministers were very happy with all the 
arrangements. Gary's passing is indeed a great loss. He was instrumental in telling the story of 
Asian stock markets to the world. Malaysia has lost a good friend.

Jonathan Pearson
I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all of you and my appreciation for allowing me the 
opportunity to get to know Gary, a little bit, last Thursday evening. Of all the people in attendance 
at his Vancouver memorial gathering, I probably knew him least well, having only met him on one 
occasion and therefore had the most to learn about him. Based on the all the tributes and tears I 
witnessed that evening, it became apparent what a remarkable individual he was and why he was 
loved and admired by so many. From what I gathered, Gary had the ability to relate to most people 
regardless of their rank.

I think the most important realization I took away with me that evening was that we cannot base 
the success of one’s life on its length but rather on what a person accomplishes in the time that 
they are here.

According to author Glenn Bland, success is defined as the progressive realization of pre-
determined, worthwhile goals, stabilized with balance in all aspe. . . 

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Jacques Michel, Calyon Hong Kong
I am deeply saddened by the passing away of Gary . I admired him greatly for his charisma, his 
outstandingly successful record and sharp professionalism.  I am proud to have had, over the last 
10 years, a close and cordial professional relationship with Gary, notably based on mutual 
understanding and interest.  I am sincerely grateful to Gary for his great vision and his continuous 
support all along the investment committees of our Mezzanine Fund.  I believe that Gary's death is a 
great loss for our group in Asia. I am sure that his vision and achievement will continue to inspire 
our action and progress in the region.  I convey my condolence to his family, friends and colleagues 
of CLSA.       

Jacques Michel
Uzo Obi
Gary was just a man so full of LIFE that his very presence blew you away. And when i look at his 
picture, wow, even after 3 years since I left CLSA and HK, it is like i saw him just yesterday.

I feel compelled to share with everyone one of the most amazing things i think anyone ever said to 
me - Gary. As I debated backwards and forwards if I would leave HK and CLSA or not (much to the 
boredom of most by then!!), Gary Coull Chairman of CLSA came to 'my' desk (the mess that i called a 
desk) and said to me "Uzo, if you are leaving to follow your big dream then go. But if you are 
running away from something inside, then stay, don't go. Do not run, just for running sake because 
you will only find in time, that you cannot run away from yourself." 

It's a message that I would love to share with you too, because we all go through challenging times 
and yet here is the simple truth which did and continues to inspire me. And for these kind words as 
well as the sheer passion . . . 

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Charles Scott Plummer
A fully paid up member of the human race just resigned from the Club, but his picture hangs 
prominent in the entrance hall.

Charlie Scott Plummer
Seumas Gallacher
1954-2006  ...these numbers are separated by a "dash", and the beauty is in observing what was 
done in the "dash" .Gary had true dash in plenty.. he held that most wonderful of mix ----  
humanity,with verve  for his friends and for his business, much of whom and which was 
intertwined.There was never any hidden agenda with Gary. a true gentleman, of which breed, sadly 
in much of the professional world today there is a keen lack. 

Your presence physically will be missed dear friend, but your spirit will endure forever.

Seumas Gallacher

Abu Dhabi
Clive Rigby
See ya Gary,

Just don't get too
impatient if I keep
you waiting as long
as I can.  Ok ?

You did good, real

Love, Clive
Jonathan Pendock
I was lucky enough to have initially met Gary in his previous 'life',when he used to join all of us at 
Crosby for beers & chats at the end of the day.It was glaringly obvious that he 'belonged' in the 
financial arena.(Not just because he gave us all one of the best 'tierce' slections ever during a client 
evening at the races..)I was at CLSA (Winfull Laing & Cruichshank-as it was then called)when he 
gave in and started his broking career.I remember him using his journalistic skills to locate and 
interview the designer of the M25 for our first report on Hopewell.Jim Walker,Gary and I,spent many 
happy Saturdays on the golf courses of the UK & Hong Kong,with the usual result of one of us 
foregoing that month's salary!!His achievements are evident for all to see. My love and sympathy to 
Vicky(at least he swam with the dolphins!!)-I console myself with the thought that Jim will have all 
the essentials in heaven organised for his arrival-the angels offering the best odds etc. . . 

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