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Rebecca Choi
25-Nov-2006 03:00

I had the privilege to work within Gary's close family circle of CLSA from 1998-2000.  I was brought into 
the firm by my great friend Jodie Allison as 'special events manager' of the Investors' Forum in both HK 
and China.  These years were and remain the most exciting and challenging years of my events career.   

I remember the first time I had to go to Gary's office on my own to discuss something about the forum, I 
was absolutely sh@#$#ing myself!  Usually it would be Jodie and I together in these meetings, and she 
and Gary would go through their usual banter and be totally at ease and relaxed together as friends and 
colleagues and I'd just sit there listening in awe wishing I had the same relationship with him as he was 
such an amazing source of knowledge and power and a real inspiration to all who had the privilege to 
work with him! I was convinced he had no idea who I even was if I wasn't with Jodie so when Jodie 
couldn't make it to this particular meeting I thought it was going to be a disaster.  I went to his office 
and he was smoking his usual cigar - looked up and said 'Hi Bec, I saw you at the golf club yesterday, do 
you play?'.  I couldn't believe it and nearly burst into tears, I don't know what I said, I doubt it was very 
intelligent,  but from then on I felt I was truely part of Gary's CL family.  During my time at CL, after any 
event I organised, whether it was the big Forum party, staff party, Rugby 7's or private client dinner he 
always personally thanked me and gave me words of priase and encouragement.  When he wasn't happy 
with how things had gone, you were always quick to know it as well, but he always gave credit where 
credit was due.

After I left CL and moved to Singapore, on my regular trips to HK I would still often bump into him at the 
golf club and he would always say hi and ask how things were going.  I would always walk away feeling 
quite chuffed that Gary Coull had made the effort!

I send my thoughts to Gary's wife and family and friends during this difficult time.


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