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C.Y. Ho (former CLSA employee)
A visionary is gone, the Visionary never gone.
The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
On behalf of the Board of The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts, we offer our sincerest 
condolences to the bereaved family of Mr. Coull on their sad loss.

Mr. Coull was a very outstanding figure in the local and international finance community.  He was 
highly respected by the finance professionals, and will no doubt be greatly missed by all financial 
analysts in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts
Wayne and Sharlene Ridgeway, ScotiaCapital
When we encourage our children to have huge dreams and the courage to reach for them, we will 
tell them about Gary Coull.

God bless the Coull family and friends

the Ridgeways
Tom Taylor
It was many years ago that Gary and I shared our activity's together.
Many do not know that Gary was a very good baseball catcher. He played with us at Little Mountain 
in Vancouver but rarely completed the game as he left early to be the batboy for the Vancouver 
Mounties AAA Baseball team where it took great pride in what he was doing.
I can see after all these years that those traits stayed with him.
My condolences to his family and  friends.

CLSA Beijing Office
It is with great shock and immense sadness that we heard about Gary's passing away.  We can 
never believe this is true.  We were informed several weeks ago that Gary had been planning his 
next trip to Beijing in Oct. after he came back from US.  But now we will never have a change to see 
him again.  Those memorable two weeks when Gary stayed with us in Beijing last summer are still 
with us.  He will be deeply missed by all of us here forever.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to you in this most difficult time.  Please let us 
know next time you are in Beijing.

With best regards,
CLSA Beijing Office

peter tulloch
Saddened and shocked to learn of Gary's death. Having known him from his early days in Hong Kong 
and through the growth and challenges of the "house' that he so successfuly led, I know he made a 
significant contribution in so many ways.

My sympathies to his family and CLSA colleagues 
Maria Gonzalez
Gary is and was larger than life!!!  I know there are so many messages/examples of this before me; 
but he is someone that from the moment I met him inspired me!  I will never forget his ability to ask 
kindly for what he envisioned his treatment path to be and on his schedule and 
thinking...impossible!!!  But no, due to his presence, zest, poise and fundamentally his ability to get 
inside of you and inspire you - WE MADE IT HAPPEN!  For Gary, anything!  

I honestly convinced myself that he would live forever; he would outlast me and all of the rest of us, 
because through him we would find the cure.  But Gary made a different decision to leave us in the 
physical sense but he remains in the inspirational sense.  Working in cancer is a painful job but I feel 
it is actually a blessing in that I was honored to have had Gary in my life!  Although I left working 
with Dr. Bilchik I continue to work in the cancer field; not ONE day goes by that I don't think of my 
friend, in. . . 

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Richard Savage
I feel truly privileged to have known Gary for the last eight years as a business colleague, golfing 
adversary, and good friend both here in Vancouver and in Asia.

It was typical of Gary how openly he welcomed me to CLSA and encouraged me to be part of its life 
including the Forum and the rugby 7's!  I remember being on a conference call early on when he 
was expounding on the culture of CLSA - no prima donna investment bankers in expensive suits, 
just real people who travel economy class, work hard and deliver outstanding results.  He was 
rightly proud of CLSA and all the great people in it.

On the golf course Gary mirrored his business approach - compete hard, take a risk rather than the 
cautious line, never give up, be gracious in victory and defeat, and have great respect for the 
integrity of the game.

Here in Vancouver I've been lucky enough to be a small part of his and Vicky's recent house-building 
project - and am so glad that it was finished and he was . . . 

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Emma Carstairs
I was so saddened to hear news of Gary’s passing, like many people I never thought this day would 
come. Gary’s outlook on life is one I learn from everyday, his fight and positive attitude to life, just the 
most incredible man. 

Gary without a doubt was a man of great success in his business achievements and Hong Kong has lost a 
fine man who dedicated so much time to his profession and on a personal side to all his friends.  

Gary was a great family friend and great support over the years. He especially was a saviour to our family 
when my father passed away, I don’t think we could have got through that time without him. His 
wonderful character gave us hope and strength to carry on. He was a man you looked up to and for me 
as close to a godfather. I'll never forget him and will always look back and remember every great 
moment I shared with him.  He now joins some great friends. I am sure they're all looking down on us 
now, a nice feeling to think that there is one . . . 

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Wei Dong, FU JI Food

Padma and Hari Harilela and the Harilela Family
Padma and I are deeply grieved and saddened to learn the news of the passing away of our dear 
friend and your beloved husband, Gary.

Gary was a kind hearted person with a vision and foresight and excelled in his profession first, as a 
journalist and later, as a financial broker.  He exhibited love, strength and fortitude and had earned 
the respect and loyalty of his colleagues. I am fortunate to have shared a warm friendship and close 
understanding with him which I will always cherish.

God does move in mysterious ways, and so often we cannot understand why certain things happen 
or the timing of certain life spans. We must allow our faith in God to rule our reasoning and abide 
with the seasons as He provides.

All my brothers join me in sending our sincere condolences and deepest sympathies. Though life will 
not be the same without him by any means our prayers are with you and your family that you all be 
blessed with strength and courage in your bereavement. May . . . 

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