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Rodney Ward, Chairman - Asia, UBS
I don’t think our paths have crossed, but I did want to express my deepest condolences on the 
untimely death of Gary Coull. Under his leadership, CLSA has built up a wonderful business in Asia 
and it is really sad to see Gar’s premature death when your collective vision for the firm was coming 
through so strongly.

At a time when the financial world seems to be dominated by the major integrated investment 
banking behemoths, it is an extra ordinary tribute to Gary, you and your colleagues that CLSA’s 
name continues to attract such visibility and support. Gary will be sorely missed by friends as well as 
competitors, and on behalf of myself as well as my colleagues at UBS, I wanted you to know that we 
all feel a sense of loss this morning.

Margaret Gadow, New Barton
I learned of Gary’s passing the day after it happened, and I’ve spent the last ten days just thinking: 
this is just….. so…… wrong. Gary was a very private person and I knew he’d been battling his illness 
for some years in an exceptionally heroic and stoic fashion. But, I keep thinking: not again…..first 
Ron Carstairs, then Jim Walker and now Gary. It’s just not right that such fine men have been taken 
from us long before time.

Gary and I first met in the early 1990’s when I was working on the Asian desk at Fleming 
Investment Management in London. He and I would laugh about knowing what real cold was like, 
with him being Canadian and me being from Wisconsin. He thought it was an excellent compliment 
that some people took my very north American accent for a Canadian accent. We both understood 
that environment ---and not just cold weather when you have to help dig your neighbour’s car out 
of a snowbank ---can produce certain kinds of friendships that transcend the . . . 

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Russell Kelly
I will remember Gary as a great bloke who generously extended his hand of friendship to me.  I
looked forward to each meeting with him and on each occasion I came away uplifted, enriched
and enlightened.  He was a rare character.

My wife, Nuan, and I offer our sympathies to Vicky, Gary's family and friends.
 We share your sadness.

Tim Shaddick
From all Gary's friends at Vancouver Rowing Club Rugby Club our thoughts are with his family and 
loved ones.

Back in the early Seventies you could see Gary understood "cameraderie" - on and off the playing 
field. Even at that young age,he was a great networker and raconteur .Never the most physically 
dominant rugby forward,he played with great spirit,tenacity and passion - and now we know where 
those qualities took him.

He never forgot a friend - and we in turn will never forget him . Gary -you made a "great Mark!"
Rest in peace!
Maria Haley
I am so sorry to learn about Gary's death.  Gary has always been very gracious and kind to me and 
CLSA has lost a great leader.  My sincerest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at CLSA.
Jacques Beyssade
Thank you, Gary, for what you have taught us, as an entrepreneur building CLSA, and as a man 
facing adversity. Your achievements are here to stay, and through them you are still very present.
Jacques Beyssade
Dr Narendra Desai, Apar Industries Limited
We are very saddened to learn about the passing away of Mr. Gary Coull in the US.

Please convey heartfelt condolences on behalf of the Management of Apar Group and on my 
personal behalf to the bereaved family of Mr. Gary Coull.

May God bless his soul with everlasting peace.

R S Leighton, Chairman of Nymex Europe Limited
After three months out of my office I was greatly saddened, on my return, by the news of the death 
of Gary Coull.

I have known Gary since his early days at CLSA, and, indeed, the early days of CLSA itself. Gary 
brought a careful calm and thoughtful approach to the management of Credit Lyonnais’s and later 
Calyon’s equity business in developing markets-not a natural home for careful and calm people!

Those of us who attended the highly successful Hong Long conferences over years know that he 
was equally at home with a fledging asset manager as with Bill Clinton.

He was a great supported of the Hong Kong financial services industry and was CLSA Chairman at a 
time when Hone Kong, under Chinese ownership, was establishing itself as a powerful Asian centre 
capable of successfully handling large equity issues.

To family, friends and colleagues please pass my condolences and happy memories of having known 
one of the key architects of CLSA over its very successful exis. . . 

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Gerry Ambrose and all of Aberdeen Asset Management Sdn Bhd
I write to pass on our heartfelt condolences to Gary Coull's family and all of you at CLSA on this 
shocking news of Gary's passing away.

I personally never had the pleasure of meeting Gary, but to me CLSA's original and imaginative 
research, other unique ventures such as CLSA U and CLSA's culture and drives were synonymous 
with Gary Coull. It will not be possible to replace him.
Claire Reed, Vancouver
I met Gary many years ago through his parents mainly his
wonderful Mother, Kay, who I worked with.  
I always looked forward to hearing of Gary accomplishing
global success.
Farewell to a real winner.

My heartfelt condolences to Kay, Leslie, Vicky and all
his friends & associates.

Claire Reed
I was fortunate in the extreme to be able to have a friendship with Gary that would span almost
twenty years.

Behind his sometimes stoical manner lay a most kind and generous man. It didn't matter whether it
was his time,his money or just a few wonderfully scripted words, Gary would always give 

Gary never ever changed.

He always understood the value of a dollar and fully understood what was REALLY important in life
and what was just noise. ( GC...... "most things are just noise" )

His values which had been beautifully shaped and sculpted by his parents in Vancouver would never
ever change.

They were just as strong in 1987 when I first met Gary as they were at the time of his early and 
untimely death.

The gap in my life can never be replaced but neither can the memories or the insights.

Alistair Whyte ( Blanco )

Bethany Verner

I feel somewhat out of place posting a message to this website, because I, unlike so many of the 
eloquent contributers, have only spoken to Gary two very brief times in my life.  Although I am 
grateful to have met him, I'm not writing to share about my personal interactions with Gary.  If I did 
write about those two interactions, they'd be very boring stories--and according to everything I 
heard Thursday night, Gary was anything BUT boring!  

Watching you love your brother unconditionally over the last eleven years of our friendship has been 
a complete joy.  I spent my childhood wishing I'd had a big brother, and you and Gary epidomize the 
reasons why.  I love the way you talk about him.  I love the way you want to get every detail just 
right for him.  I love the way you would fly around trying to tape hockey for him.  I love the way you 
seek his advice and look up to him.  I love the way you refer to him as "my brother" with such 
affection in your voic. . . 

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