CLSA CLSA Capital Partners
Lily Cheung, CLSA
22-Nov-2006 02:36

I've known Gary for almost 20 years. We joined the company on the same day, which was the first 
Monday of Jan 1987.  The only difference was that he received the full month salary, whilst  I  only 
received mine on a pro-rate basis.  What an unfair treatment!

I still recall vividly of how he looked on the first day I met him in the office at New World tower.  His 
face was a bit rough and with pimples.  He kept telling me that "I'll have the skin of a baby again in 
three months time!" because he was taking Chinese medicines at that time.  I waited and waited, 
and finally the day arrived, and...... it was three years later.

I committed a serious mistake around 9 years ago by attaching the wrong file to equity holders. 
Instead of sending the allotment to equity holders, I sent the entire equity holder list to all equity 
holders which created a great deal of embarrassment to Gary and the senior management.  After 
few hours struggling, I notified Gary while trying nervously to rectify the mistake and preparing my 
resignation letter till 3am in the morning. He called me the next day and instead of yelling at me, he 
jokingly asked whether  I  had opened the window and jumped out, in a teasing and forgiving 
manner.  His call was to ensure that I was OK and comforted me not to worry too much about the 
whole instance.  I was fully touched by his caring and trust in me despite all the trouble and 
embarrassment that I had created for him.

I also had the privilege to pick the Chinese name for his beloved horses over the years.  It was a 
great honour for me and he had never questioned my choices. 

Gary was more than a big boss, but a close and beloved friend to me and my family. His spirit, care, 
and friendship will remain deep inside me forever, and I miss him.

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