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Tim Shaddick, Vancouver Rowing Club/Rugby Club
I believe there is to be a memorial gathering in HK this Friday so we also wanted to let it be known, 
Gary's Vancouver Rowing Club /Rugby friends back home, send heartfelt condolences to Vicki and 
the family and friends that are there. 

Gary was part of Rowing Club rugby for 8 years - playing for our junior and senior teams up until he 
departed for Asia in the mid 70's (when you might also have known him being a wannabe rugby 
member while playing hockey with Stu wilson and VRC Jokers!)  

In his time with VRC Rugby, Gary made tons of friends. Just last night at the Rowing Club ,Alan Willox 
(Hon past Pres) remarked how he had appointed Gary, the club's "tour reporter" when VRC Rugby 
went of its first overseas tour to England,Wales,Scotland in 1972  - and how relished getting into 
a "spot of bother with the host team" on the Glasgow leg of the trip.

Robbie Simpson - another Eric Hamber graduate remembers being Gary's roomate most of that tour -
 and said there was . . . 

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Robbie McRobbie, Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
All of us at Operation Breakthrough, a local youth charity, were saddened to hear of Gary's passing.  
His support of Breakthrough over the years was greatly appreciated, and helped in changing the 
lives of 100s of at-risk local youths.

Robbie McRobbie
Hong Kong Rugby Football Union
I hadn't had the luck to join the company sooner, hadn't had the luck to work directly with Gary or 
even talk to him. The only time I saw him in real person was at the pre-Forum staff briefing this 
year. He was talking on stage. Not that many words said, but every single one of them was firm and 

It is really sad to hear of his passing, but it is also touching to see how much the whole office is 
saddened by the news... CLSA is indeed one big family. 

My condolences to Gary's family and friends.
Goodbye Mr Coull. I truly believe your passion and vision will live on. 

Donald Nimmo

Or, as is more practical, you can do both. I know I have. 

Having read through most of the announcements and tributes on this message board, I can only 
endorse ALL of the sentiments expressed. There is no question that Gary was a visionary and 
forged and shaped the landscape of the financial markets in which we worked. I see little point in 
reiterating the detail of what has already been said in varying levels of eloquence on which I cannot 
improve. Accordingly, I will merely leave a few of my favourite anecdotes in the manner that Gary 
and I enjoyed each others company - with unreserved good and wicked humour. Although it is 
unlikely to be apparent at the end of this note, in terms of how to verbalise my thoughts and 
feelings at this time, it is like when I got that Swedish enlargement kit thing - I have thought about 
it long and hard. Gary shared my sense of humour unequivoca. . . 

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Martin Cornett
I just wanted to pass on to you my deep felt commiseration at the very sad time. I left CLSA in July 
1999, after 11 years of working for Gary Coull and the team. At all times whilst I was at CLSA and 
the subsequent years I have always had the greatest admiration for Gary’s focus, dedication and 
foresight and there could be no greater legacy than the business he has built into the CLSA of 
today. The Hang Seng is trading at record levels, China is opening up its financial markets at a rapid 
pace and the Asian financial markets have enjoyed their best year ever. All of these stories have 
been the core driver at the Investors’ forum every year since its conception.

It was the greatest pleasure spending 11 years at CLSA, learning so much with so many great 
people who all owe an immeasurable thank you to one person… Gary Coull. His driving personality, 
his belief and conviction of Asian economies will be sorely missed but most of all his gruff voice will 
be missing from . . . 

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Ben, Lehman Brothers
Please can you pass my sincere condolences to Gary's family. I have very fond memories of my time 
working with Gary at CLSA where he taught me many important lessons that continue to serve me 
well. I was terribly sorry to hear the news and my thoughts are with his family. 

Very Best 


Lehman Brothers
Equity Capital Markets
Jim Crosato & family
You took everything that was meaningful and good from both your mom and dad, who were the 
proudest of parents.  The humanity and vision  that you protrayed was vast! You will be missed by 

Our deepest sympathy to Kay, Leslie and Vicki.

Jim, Edie, Ray, Ron and Gayle Doherty

Don, Joan and NaRai Sherritt
We're new friends of Gary and Vicky. But we feel as though we've known them for years. So 
welcoming, inclusive and caring. And fun!

Gary joined our golf club and called me to say "Thanks" over a lunch. He then said "let's meet at the 
White Spot."  I thought 'you're kidding me."  He wasn't. He loved all White Spots, except the one in 
Hong Kong. It is the only time I heard him passionately criticize something.

 He did mutter occassionally re: the hand that knocked him out of the World Poker Championships, 
Canucks missing the playoffs, US$ prospects and me not ordering a triple O.

He never talked about his success, the rebuilding effort he led in Banda Aceh or his illness.

He did talk about Vicky, Leslie, his Mom and his colleagues. Always with affection.

We were lucky to know him and will miss him greatly.

Joan, NaRai and Don
Matthew Oram
I first met Gary soon after he arrived in HK in the late 70's.  I had spent a year in Vancouver in 1969 
so I had some immediate common ground with this young lad fresh out of UBC, who already 
appeared mature beyond his years and brimful of confidence.  Later with his good mate Jim Walker 
they were like two well-bred buccaneers (if that isn't a faint contradiction) cresting the wave, ready 
to take on the world.

An indelible image remains of bumping into both men down Lockhart Road, in daylight I might add, in 
the late 70's, early 80's, they were about to storm the HK business world with Database, the 'must-
have' for all aspiring billionaires - then computers came along.  Nothing daunted, both men 
combined again so conspicuously, so successfully with CLSA. 

Besides having journalism and Vancouver in common with Gary, we also had the horses, as too did 
Jim Walker, of course.  Whether horses are better described as an affliction or obsession or merely a 
hobby, it wa. . . 

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Ian Irvin, Amazing Holdings PLC
I was introduced to Gary a few years ago by Alastair Dickson as I sought to raise finance for our 
project in Taiwan.  Gary watched, with interest, our progress over the years and we met 
infrequently as I passed thorugh Hong Kong.  I valued greatly his input and observations and in 
December last year he invested as we came to the AIM market in London.  He also introduced us to 
other investors.  I met him earlier this year to thank him for his support.  He was a good man.  I do 
not know his family but they are all in my thoughts and prayers at this time.  Yours aye.

Donald Greig
I have known Gary for 8 years, almost as long I have been in Hong Kong.  As you know I have 'lived' 
with him throughout his illness.  In the face of the greatest adversity a year after his first major 
operation, he demonstrated a fortitude seen only in a few of my patients where he would never 
give up 
hope of seeking out further opinions and alternative treatments globally.  I firmly believe these have 
helped him enjoy life to the full, cogniscent of course of the inevitable restrictions which were  
on Gary living with his illness.  One of the trully inspiring talks I have heard was Gary's introduction 
Dr. Michael Reneker at the CLSA Forum in 2005. He successfully combined the diverse themes of his 
philosophy of life, his passion for surfing and helping patients seek out & rationalise alternative 
I trully empathise with your loss, having lost my own 15 year old daughter earlier this year in a 
road traffic accident.  You will miss. . . 

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Marie Daetwiler-da Silva
Vicky is one of my best friends and as I left Hong Kong in 1983, my memories of Gary are mostly from 
their first years together, starting from their flat in Happy Valley.  Those were good times, moments I 
will remember always.

Farewell to you, Gary from Peter D. and MdS

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