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Tom Routledge
13-Nov-2006 18:08

I just heard about Gary's passing and it stopped me in my tracks.  Gary was one of my first friends 
as a young child and we grew up together on West 34th Avenue in Vancouver.  There was like on 
any block in the city, a gang of kids that ran together – there was Gary, Grant McKay, Ricky Halford, 
Jimmy Brooks, Paul Lamoureux (I'm sure their were others but that's all I can remember)  Gary of 
course was the ringleader and his house was action central.  I remember many great times spent at 
the Coulls.  I remember Gary teasing me so mercilessly once about something (can't remember what 
now, though) that I threw a brick at him!  When the Coulls moved to West 38th Avenue things were 
a lot less fun on 34th so we would trek the 6 blocks over to their new place to stay in the loop.

Our paths went in different directions after elementary school, but those memories of our early days 
together are cherished ones.

Much love and heartfelt condolences to Kay and Leslie

Tom Routledge, D.D.S., Coquitlam, BC

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