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Lesley Krueger
I'm so very sorry to hear about Gary, who was an old friend from The Ubyssey student paper. My 
great sympathies, and those of my husband, Paul, go out to Vicky, his mother Kay and sister Leslie.

I only saw Gary a couple of times after he left Vancouver, times when Paul and I happened to be in 
Hong Kong or were all in Vancouver to visit parents at the same time. But I've always thought of 
Gary very fondly from days at UBC, when he had the strength of character to be himself at an age 
when it's so easy and usual to be a conformist. I'll always remember his sense of humour, droll and 
sharp, mischievous but always forgiving. He refused to take people as seriously as they tended (I 
should say we tended) to take ourselves at 18, 20, 22. In his words, he'd enjoy taking the piss out 
of people, and he especially enjoyed stunts.

Every year, we put out a joke issue of The Ubyssey. One year, we learned that the annual student 
newsletter put out by the Engineering Undergraduat. . . 

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Giampaolo Guarnieri
Gary was the Doug Coombs of Finance...An inspiration and an example to all of us.  I will always 
remember the day Gary celebrated his deal with CL in the late 1980's with colleagues and friends of 
ours (Ali aka Blanco... I think you remember!!).  This industry thrives for people as straightforward, 
intelligent,  visionary, humble, passionate and honest as you.  Have fun and kick some arses up 
there...You know we'll remember you.  Salut, saluti...  Giampaolo
Martin & Yajaira Smyth
Dear Vicky,

It has been some time now since I last saw you and Gary (it is over 5 years now since I and my family 
left Hong Kong) and it was with some shock that I learned of Gary's passing.
I did hear about this sad event not long after it occurred, but coincidentally, my Father died on the same 
day and so it has been necessary for me to travel to the UK twice in the past 2 weeks thus
postponing any expressions of our deepest sympathy to you in your loss due to that preoccupation.
Without wishing to resort to platitudes, as it is so easy to do under these circumstance, let me just say 
how much I enjoyed your and Gary's company and our times working together on your apartments in 
Hong Kong.
Although we were not close, it always saddens me when I learn that someone, such as Gary, leaves us 
before his time (as the expression goes).
As with my father, I can at least remember Gary in life, full of life, his good humour and steadfastness.
Take care, Vicky, our thoughts ar. . . 

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Ewan Simpson
I worked with Gary (and Jim Walker, whose death I've only learned about with Gary's) in the early 
days of CLSA. I can't say it was the easiest ride, but that was probably more to do with me than 
him. However, I always greatly respected Gary's intellect, his drive and his vision, both during my 
time at CLSA and long afterwards. I am truly sorry to learn of both his and Jim's deaths at such 
young ages, and I send my condolences to Vicky and Elaine.
Nand Harjani
I met Gary through his wife Vicky, a long time family friend and then only briefly

I never met the "business", Gary but the "husband" Gary, and the thing that impressed me was the 
way he intereacted with his wife!  Little things add up to great things and the many little way he 
interacted with Vicky in my mind added up

I am glad I met him

Clifford Ma
Uncle Gary...
He always hated me calling him that.  Uncle Gary is one of the few people I know who truly lived up 
to the "open door policy".  No matter his schedule, he always had time to chat, to give advice, and 
just to be "that uncle in the industry" - doling out advice to a young lad looking to break into the 
Hong Kong finance world.  I remember vividly one piece of advice that he gave me: "Clifford, if you 
want to amount to anything of a banker, you need to smoke cigars".  So, the young naive upstart 
that I was, I went regularly to the Mandarin Hotel cigar shop and bought my Cohibas, because 
that's what Uncle Gary did.  He later quit, so., of course, I did too (for the most part!).

I've read through every one of the past 10 pages of messages, and am really amazed at the impact 
he has had on so many people, and I'm sure he treasured each of those ones.  I have never really 
gotten the chance to interact with him "inside the ropes" of the business world, as it was. . . 

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Derek & Janice Ma
Uncle Gary was always the gentleman, never arrogant.  I've never known him as the businessman 
that he is so famous for, I'll only know him as Uncle.  He had every reason to be too busy for family, 
yet when it mattered he was there and was geniune in his support.  

Uncle Gary, you are a man that will never be forgotten, and always respected.

My condolences to Mrs. Coull and Leslie.  It was an an honour to meet you both in your new house 
in Vancouver.  May it forever bring fond memories of Uncle Gary.

Aunty Vicky, I admire your strength.  Uncle Gary was a very blessed man to have your love and 

Derek & Janice Ma
Anuj Khanna, Yucaipa Funds
My deepest condolences to you, Gary's family and colleagues at CLSA. I am shocked and obviously 
very sad to hear the news.

What a terrific guy - and someone who built a terrific business and worked tirelessly.

He was particularly good with me - and I will always remember his friendship and as someone who 
made a difference.


Malcolm Surry, Perth, Western Australia
I worked with Gary and his old friend Jim Walker twenty years ago, in the early days of what 
became CLSA. It is so sad that we have lost two great guys.
Gary taught himself how to be a stockbroker and then showed everybody else how to build a highly 
successful investment house.
He was a straight shooter and a good man. We are only finding out now some of his acts of 
Our condolences to Vicky and to Gary's family in Canada.

Mark Mobius, Templeton
Please express our condolences to Gary Coull's family.  His demise is a big loss to us all.

Kathy & Bob Nicholson
Our memories of Gary like many of you goes back to grade 8 at Hamber. He was always involved, 
active, fun and intelligent. He was "special" then as he contiued to be throughout his life. Bob 
remebers coaching him in rugby and his involvement at the VRC. What a great guy to have on a 
team! Kath remembers UBC and our late night chats with a drink or two. He continued to be a good 
friend to Bob and I at least keeping in touch once a year,after he went to H.K. Many times he visited 
us. He became very successful yet still stayed "grounded" in the important principles and values of 
an honest and worthwhile investment. Leslie, Vickie and Kay our thoughts are with you all. 
Everyone who ever knew Gary is missing a great man. We can all learn from someone like Gary Coull.
Rowena Lam
I know Gary in two capacities. One as the husband of Vicky, my primary school classmate and 
another during his involvement with the Jockey Club as our Voting Member, Race Steward, Happy 
Valley Subcommittee member and horse owner.  He showed passions and commitments in all aspect 
of his life and added in his own brand of warmth,  care, empathy and humour that really made 
people in contact with him comfortable.  He was such a brilliant person with quick wit and yet very 
approachable and easy to talk with.

I was very upset on learning of his passing away - it is a great loss to the community to have taken 
away such a wonderful person. I will miss his guidance, his regular attendance at the races and his 
constructive comments.  I will also miss seeing him at his home after Vicky and I had long leisure 
chats all day.  

My heartfelt thoughts are with Vicky and Gary's family, hope that all the fond memories of him will 
help everyone in this difficult time.  
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