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Leslie M. Richardson, HSBC Securities (USA)
Dear Vicky and family - 
I want to extend my deepest condolences to you on the sad news of Gary's death today. 
I have been involved in Asian equities for many years and had the privilege to know Gary. 
He was the competitor for whom I always had the highest regard. He and his team raised 
the bar for everyone in our business - - and did it not only with great vision and great 
execution, but also with great panache.  Those of us for whom Asian emerging markets 
have been an avocation as well as a profession, and who have manned those trenches 
since the industry's early days,  will miss him a great deal.   
With sympathy, 

Leslie M. Richardson
Managing Director, Far East Equities 
HSBC Securities (USA)
Michael Perry Clemons and family
I don't think that anyone's life is necessarily about them. All of what they hope for and 
desire in this lifetime is extinguished with their last breath. What matters, the only thing 
that matters is what they leave behind in memories, teachings and accomplishments. In this 
regard, quite a bit was left behind by Gary Coull.


Michael Perry Clemons and family
Timothy Tacchi, TT International
How very sad I am to hear of Gary’s death.  All of his clients no doubt benefited from his 
knowledge of the region and acumen as a stock picker.  The business he has built should 
continue to be both a testimony of his achievements and a living memorial.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. 

Jean Cedelle, Calyon
This short note to express to you and to all your CLSA colleagues my most sincere 
condolences upon the passing away of Gary. He was a great man with a remarkable 
vision and he built up CLSA at his image. It is a big loss for CLSA and for Calyon and 
beyond, for the business community in Asia.

I am confident that you will lead CLSA on the same track in the future. 

With my very best regards. 

Derek Chapman, Keystone Projects
Please pass along our condolences to Vicky, I only knew Gary for a short time, but I really 
admired him. He struck me as a very generous person. Our thoughts and prayers are with 
Vicky, Kay, and Leslie. 

Derek Chapman
Marc J. Veilleux, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP
Please extend my condolences to Gary Coull's wife and his family on his untimely passing. 

Although I did not know Gary personally, I have worked with members of his team over 
many years and to this day, including Ross Long and Jonathan Slone.  The tremendous 
respect I have for Ross and Jonathan as people and as professionals is, in my humble 
opinion, a direct reflection of the quality of the leadership provided by Gary.

I wish you and the organization the very best during this difficult time.

Best regards,
Marc J. Veilleux 
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP
Erik Sardian, CDP Capital
It is with a genuine sadness that I learned the death of Gary Coull, and I would like to offer 
my sincere condolences to his family. Gary was a truly visionary man, which is not that 
common in an industry increasingly dominated by short-term considerations. Even more 
importantly he tried to bring morality, respect and caring to an industry dominated by 
selfishness, greed and cynicism. His journalistic background has been a great and refreshing 
strength. He was an exception in the finance industry and contributed greatly to make CLSA 
different and very often ahead of competition. I hope that his vision and his spirit will 
survive him.

Erik Sardain
Portfolio Manager
CDP Capital
Montreal, QC
Gilles De Dumast, Calyon
I have just learned that Gary passed away and wanted to tell you that my thoughts and 
prayers are with him, with his familly and with all of you. 
I feel for you and please accept my deepest condoleances on the passing away of a great 
Avec ma tres grande sympathie, 

Gilles De Dumast
Pascal Poupelle, Calyon
I just got the very sad news regarding Gary. 
My most sincere condolences to all in CLSA and to his friends and family. 
Best wishes to you to carry on and make him proud of the future of CLSA. 
Kind regards. 

Pascal Poupelle
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