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Gary Pollard
So sorry to hear the news about Gary, for the brief moments I meet him in Hong Kong and Las 
Vegas, he without question was an inspirational, generous and decent man 
I remember his words very clearly in Vegas - never stick on 16, poker is about seizing the 
My thoughts go out to everyone at CLSA and his family

Gary Pollard

Stéphane Monmousseau, Pragma Capital
I am very sad of learning the news. It reminds me of all the CLSA years I spent in HK and NY with 
Gary and you all…plenty of good memories !

Life is always too short, enjoy life!

Gary was exceptional, I hope you are all well!

Take care.
Stéphane Monmousseau 
Pragma Capital 
Jamie Allen, Asian Corporate Governance Association
It was with a feeling of great sadness and shock that we heard the news about the death of Gary 
Coull. Gary was due to come to Beijing in late October for our sixth annual conference, an event that 
CLSA had supported as a sponsor since its inception and at which Gary had spoken at on several 
occasions. At the last moment we heard that he would not be able to attend. Since it was unlike 
Gary not to do something he had committed to, we feared his health may have taken a turn for the 
worse. Like most people, however, we never expected him to pass away so suddenly.

There are so many good things one could say about Gary that it seems unjust to his memory to try 
to encapsulate them in a few paragraphs. He was someone who had a rare ability to balance an 
entrepreneurial flair for business with a sense of humanity and an interest in societal issues that he 
believed mattered for business and in their own right. He had a strong sense of right and wrong in 
corporate governanc. . . 

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Anton Bilchik
I was deeply saddened to hear of Gary's passing. He was a true inspiration to me and a gentleman with 
grace and kindness. Gary demonstrated a completely innovative approach to medicine. He would call or 
email from another country and suggest that we do a procedure on him in LA, usually on his way to an 
important meeting. When I explained that the procedure would perhaps need some time to recover he 
would restructure things such as arrive before New Years eve or a bank holiday to give him that extra day 
or two. Gary would explain to me that he really does not have time to allow this disease to get the better 
of him. He became an expert in colon cancer and I would rarely disagree with him. Gary lived with 
advanced colon cancer longer than any other patient of mine with a similar stage of disease. He made me 
rethink the way we approach this disease and encouraged me to continue our research to try and find that 
magic bullet. I am so proud that we could acknowledge him in. . . 

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Eduardo Sancovsky, Itau Corretora
I would like to take this opportunity to send my condolences to Gary's family. As you might 
remember, I worked for CLSA in Brazil for three years, managing CLSA/BCN's sales and trading 
desk.  During those years, I happened to meet Gary a few times, and was always very impressed 
his charisma, energy and leadership.

Eduardo Sancovsky
Director - Head of Sales & Trading
Itau Corretora
Michael Raytek, Hunt Partners (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
I heard the very sad news about Gary – regardless of his fight with cancer over the past few years I 
am sit here shocked and saddened.  He is truly one of the greats in the industry, I have met many 
but none that stand out like Gary.  My condolences to you and everyone in the CLSA family.  I have 
been honored to have had the opportunity to work with Gary and get to know him.  


Michael Raytek
Managing Director
Hunt Partners (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
Mark Mainwaring
I am unable to articulate the sadness that I feel regarding the loss of my friend of 38 years. He has 
always been such an integral part of my personal and professional life. 
Good-bye old friend. I'll miss you. 
Gary Archeck
I met Gary in the carefree days of high school and remember him vividly as a budding 
newspaperman keeping a detailed journal on a trip to California when we were 14 or so.  The last 
time I saw him was in Hong Kong 20 years ago when he was  well on his way to greatness.  His 
generosity to me then was unparalleled.  
My deepest sympathy to his family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.
Michael Charnock
Gary has passed on – but only in the corporeal sense. His spirit and his vitality will remain as 
irrepressible in death as in life and will be as much a part of CLSA’s post-Coull era as ever they 
were. They are too strong, too inspiring and too deeply woven into the rich fabric of the company 
founded and steered for the past two decades. Simply, his indelible stamp cannot be washed out.

Few things are more painful than writing the obituary of a friend. And the temptation to over-
eulogise is always there. But not in this case. 

Gary’s business achievements are well documented, and were a part of Hong Kong corporate 
legend well before his passing. He took a lowly brokerage with an unmemorable title and 
confounded all the doomsayers by propelling it to the forefront of broking and investment banking 
the Asia Pacific in just 20 years.

Along with his close friend and co-founder, Jim Walker – who died almost two years ago to the day 
of Gary’s passing – he f. . . 

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Anthony Rowley
Gary was one of a group of remarkable people who worked together on the Far Eastern Economic 
Review during the 1980s and his achievements thereafter eclipsed those of colleagues such as 

His business success is obviously beyond doubt but I remember is essentially as sincere, decent  
and friendly person. I was shocked at his premature passing but he leaves behind a legacy of great 
respect among former colleagues such as myself. Anthony Rowley.
Raymond Heche, Willerfunds
I didn’t know Gary personally, so the news of his death came as an awful shock to me. The moving 
tributes by Dr. Jim, Chris Wood and Rob Morrison tell of a tremendous loss, but also of a life lived 
fully - even if it ended far too soon - of a clear and demanding vision, of an enduring inspiration and 
intellectual challenge which attracted, motivated and united the outstanding team he built. Since 
1987, this team has consistently nourished and guided my understanding of Asia and my activity as 
an investor. 

I wish to convey my sincere condolences to Gary’s family, friends and staff at CLSA. May Dr. Jim’s 
vow of “living your dream and protecting your legacy” come true! I’m convinced that thousands of 
clients/human beings just like me share this dream with you and will support you along the path.

Kind regards,
Raymond Heche

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