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Dr Mark Renneker
For so long it seemed this time would never come, that somehow Gary would keep living on, despite 
the many doctors' dire prognoses and pronouncements of his imminent death, made year after 
year.  And then, over these last weeks, especially these last days, it seemed this time had to come, 
that finally, as you said, he made that choice. 
For him at least, it was finally time.  

One can only stand and applaud him.  Yes, certainly a life well-lived, but, really, my ovation is for 
how he dealt with having metastatic cancer for the last almost seven years, of going through so 
many surgeries and ablation procedures and chemotherapies, yet, more than any other person I've 
ever worked with as a physician, he never let himself become a patient.   At least not a patient in 
the conventional sense, of giving oneself over to being taken care of, of saying "I'm sick" and in 
essence submitting to the world of physicians and hospitals and medicines.  
That he never did. 

Instea. . . 

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Sally Lo, MBE, Hong Kong Cancer Fund
On behalf of Hong Kong Cancer Fund (HKCF), I would like to extend our deepest condolences to you 
and Gary's family and friends.  We are all saddened by the news.

Gary was a great character who never did anything by half.  He worked hard and played hard!  We 
will always remember his generosity in supporting the work of HKCF.  He will be greatly missed by all 
his friends and colleagues.

Please pass our best wishes to Vicky and her family and feel free to let us know if there is anything 
that we can do to help at the Cancer Fund at this very difficult time.

Our thoughts are with you.

Sincerely yours,

Sally Lo, MBE
Hong Kong Cancer Fund

Willie Palmer
Well-written tribute.  Very sad day indeed for anyone associated with Asian markets.  Please pass 
on our condolences to all concerned.

David Shairp, Global Multi Asset Group
I read with sadness the news about Gary in your and Chris Wood's excellent tributes.

I only met the man once and that was at an interview for a role at CLSA in the late-90s. Unlike you I 
did not get the job, whatever it was!

What struck me about him then, by reputation and by the unfolding CLSA corporate strategy was 
his courage and utter conviction. I had the pleasure and privilege to share a common printer in the 
person of the incomparable Michael Charnock, when I produced the BZW Pacific Market Strategy. I 
always made a habit of going to Michael's print shop when the PMS was being "put to bed" and was 
always full of admiration for the conviction, enthusiasm and preparedness to take risks that was 
reflected in the CLSA research that adorned Michael's office.

Briefly, in the very early days, I must admit I questioned the CLSA strategy, thinking you lot 
were "upstarts" in the great Asian broking game. Quite quickly I realised my huge error of 
judgement and was . . . 

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Craig Sanderson
I was deeply saddened to learn of Gary’s passing.  

While we seldom met, when I did have call to go to his office and assist on an IT matter he knew who I
was and my name. 

Before joining the firm I was considering offers from CLSA and others, I enquired with peers in the 
industry, Gary’s name did pop up, often with interesting/colourful stories, no one had a bad word to say. 

Most said if you join CLSA you’ll have a ball, and I did!  How could I forget the after Forum parties, annual 
social events and corporate culture…  The posting to CLSA Singapore was the happiest 15 months of my 
life!  “Thank you Gary.”

My sincere and best wishes for the future to Gary’s family, friends and all on board the good ship CLSA!

刘晓光, 北京首都创业集团有限公司总经理

Aashish Wakankar, SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd.
Please accept my condolences on the sad demise of Gary Coull. 
If I recall it correctly, he had written the Foreword of CLSA India report "Profiting from The Paradox". 
That was my introduction to the person though I never had the opportunity to meet with him. Being 
a fund manager myself, I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few business leaders, 
visionaries, economists but, I realise (after reading today's Infofax) that I will miss not having met 
Gary Coull who contributed to the development and success of Asian markets, which includes India. 
Neil MacKay, Prudential Asset Management (Hong Kong)
I am sure that I, like money people in our business, felt that the we knew Gary even when I 
probably only met him a handful of times. I am not sure if I could name the Chairman of any other 
Asian investment bank and I've been playing this game since just before Tiananmen Square since 

The creativity of CLSA top management is something over the years I have under-estimated at 
times. I am sure that there is enough talent around to keep Gary's spirit proud.

For what it's worth, we at PAM(HK) opened our morning meeting today acknowledging that today is 
a sad day for a Hong Kong.

Our thoughts are with you.

Neil MacKay
Investment Director
Prudential Asset Management (Hong Kong)
David Lake
My condolences to the CLSA team. I had the opportunity to interview and talk with Gary a number of 
times and he was always my model for what a banker should be. I am most sorry to hear the news. 
David Lake

Steven Engle, Bloomberg
My heartfelt condolences. The world just lost one of the good guys. 

Geoff Grier, CoreTrade Limited
I was saddened to hear the news regarding Gary over the weekend.  I wanted to pass along my 
condolences to both you and CLSA.

Looking forward, good luck and good fortune to you in your new role as chairman of CLSA.

Best regards,
James Mitchell, GE Asset Management
Am very sorry to hear about Gary, while I hardly knew him he was very well respected in GE.   I can 
say that the two times we met one could tell he was a rock star and visionary.  Again, my 

James Mitchell, Jr
Managing Director- Alternative Investments
GE Asset Management
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