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mark andrews
my condolences
i first met gary approx45 years ago, as he was the ballboy on my granfathers vancouver mounties 
baseball team , and a neighbour and later highschool friend.
i,m sorry i just found out

once again my codolences-he was a good man
Yvonne Chow
Dearest Vicky,

I'm so so sorry to hear of Gary's passing ~ I can still see his smile and remember his kindness!  Drop 
me a note if you would like to get together!

God bless you both!  Take good care of yourself,


Mark Buckshon
I am saddened to learn this news belatedly.  It may symbolic of our place in life that I learned of his 
passing so long after the fact.  He was the star reporter/editor ; I was the guy who didn't fit in but 
persevered; ending  up as one of two Ubyssey students at with summer jobs at the  Province.  He went 
to  Hong Kong, I went to Africa.
Gary had brains, charm, talent, and imagination.  He inspired and  continues to  inspire me.  Thanks.
Cindy Ng, CLSA
I have handled Gary’s travel arrangements since the early 90’s, long before I joined CLSA, when I 
used to work in a travel agent.  
Other than a big boss, he is my worst and best customer.  With his tight schedule he could never 
plan ahead. He would not know if he needs to be in Europe or US tomorrow though it might have 
finally ended up in Japan. Not until his plane took off Jeannie and I could stop sweating but as soon 
as it touched ground that was the beginning of another panic. As a traveler he would not settle for 
less yet appreciates and understands. As our chairman he never takes things for granted. If he had 
to call during weekends for last minute changes he would follow with a thank you note.  He spotted 
little things and would comment for my future reference rather than criticize.  
I am very much honored to have played a role in his travel chapter.  Thanks for his trust in me over 
the years.  I will miss him forever and my deepest thoughts are with Vi. . . 

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Rebecca Choi
I had the privilege to work within Gary's close family circle of CLSA from 1998-2000.  I was brought into 
the firm by my great friend Jodie Allison as 'special events manager' of the Investors' Forum in both HK 
and China.  These years were and remain the most exciting and challenging years of my events career.   

I remember the first time I had to go to Gary's office on my own to discuss something about the forum, I 
was absolutely sh@#$#ing myself!  Usually it would be Jodie and I together in these meetings, and she 
and Gary would go through their usual banter and be totally at ease and relaxed together as friends and 
colleagues and I'd just sit there listening in awe wishing I had the same relationship with him as he was 
such an amazing source of knowledge and power and a real inspiration to all who had the privilege to 
work with him! I was convinced he had no idea who I even was if I wasn't with Jodie so when Jodie 
couldn't make it to this particular meeting I thou. . . 

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Lily Cheung, CLSA
I've known Gary for almost 20 years. We joined the company on the same day, which was the first 
Monday of Jan 1987.  The only difference was that he received the full month salary, whilst  I  only 
received mine on a pro-rate basis.  What an unfair treatment!

I still recall vividly of how he looked on the first day I met him in the office at New World tower.  His 
face was a bit rough and with pimples.  He kept telling me that "I'll have the skin of a baby again in 
three months time!" because he was taking Chinese medicines at that time.  I waited and waited, 
and finally the day arrived, and...... it was three years later.

I committed a serious mistake around 9 years ago by attaching the wrong file to equity holders. 
Instead of sending the allotment to equity holders, I sent the entire equity holder list to all equity 
holders which created a great deal of embarrassment to Gary and the senior management.  After 
few hours struggling, I notified Gary while trying nervo. . . 

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Simon Chee, CLSA 20 years employee
As Donny said CLSA and Mr. Coull are synonymous.  I try to use CLSA to describe Gary that I know.

Whenever I met him in the lift or restroom, he behaved in a friendly and pleasant manner that made 
you like to talk to him.

He was our Chairman.  More importantly he had led Andrew and Donny to become salesmen that 
already demonstrated his leadership to be world-class.

He shared the wealth of CLSA by offering equity shares to you.  He shared his own wealth with you 
by giving you lottery tickets and cookie whenever his horses won.

He had always proven himself to be the visionary and you can’t afford not to admire him.

CLSA is Gary and Gary is CLSA.  God bless Vicky and Mr. Coull’s family.

Hamish Calder
I was lucky to work for Gary in early days of CLSA.  He was a huge presence in my life.  He had the 
passion and  drive to grow the company from being the outsider to take on and beat  the 
established broking fraternity.  He wanted the job to be fun as well and I think this became part of 
the CLSA brand.  It was a rip-roaring time and we were proud to be part of the team.  I enjoyed his 
friendship and visits to Hong Kong won't be the same. 

Here in London, a few of us are meeting for a drink in Gary's memory on Tuesday 21st November 
from 5.30pm onwards, at The Counting House, 50 Cornhill, in the City.  All are welcome. 

Best respects to Vicky and Gary's family and friends.   


Gerry Ball
I just heard today of Gary's passing and would like to offer my sincere condolensces to his family.

I first spoke to Gary in 1993 when I cold-called him and tried to sell him something called The 
Estimate Directory.  Not only did he see me the following day, not only did he give me an order for 
five copies on the spot, but he also took the time to encourage me that this was a great product 
that I would do well with.  

I knew there and then that Gary was a special kind of person, and judging from the impact he has 
made on so many other people it seems Gary stayed true to himself all his professional life.  I only 
wish I had made an effort to get to know him more over the years.

Gerry Ball

ANGEL............................AND NOW, MORE THAN EVER................I LIVE IN CALIF..NEAR SAN 
GREAT DAYS...........................       I AWAIT.................  WITH LOVE ..NEVA
Bernard Carayon
Dear CLSA's Colleagues,

For the last 3 years, Gary was not only a colleague but also a friend.
His passing is a great sadness.

We had projects together for the Credit Agricole's future in Asia.

But ...

"Facing up to the Risks",

Yes, but not always.

All my thoughts are for his relatives & friends. Be sure that I share your sadness.

Bernard Carayon

Tom Routledge
I just heard about Gary's passing and it stopped me in my tracks.  Gary was one of my first friends 
as a young child and we grew up together on West 34th Avenue in Vancouver.  There was like on 
any block in the city, a gang of kids that ran together – there was Gary, Grant McKay, Ricky Halford, 
Jimmy Brooks, Paul Lamoureux (I'm sure their were others but that's all I can remember)  Gary of 
course was the ringleader and his house was action central.  I remember many great times spent at 
the Coulls.  I remember Gary teasing me so mercilessly once about something (can't remember what 
now, though) that I threw a brick at him!  When the Coulls moved to West 38th Avenue things were 
a lot less fun on 34th so we would trek the 6 blocks over to their new place to stay in the loop.

Our paths went in different directions after elementary school, but those memories of our early days 
together are cherished ones.

Much love and heartfelt condolences to Kay and Leslie

Tom Rout. . . 

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